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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Curious as to why search engine optimization is so important? Google alone does over 2 billion searches every single day. 2 billion searches per day without even considering Yahoo, Bing, AOL, or any other search engine. 90% of these searches never reach past the first page of results. Are you on the first page? I can guarantee you your competitors are and they’re on the receiving end of the searches every single day while you’re not.

Fortunately, we can help you not only reach the first page but dominate the first page.  We’re here to help you open the flood gates of prospective customers and leads to your business by utilizing search engine optimization tactics (SEO).  Our search engine optimization tactics are based on years of trial and error and experience.  We continue to improve our tactics and tools on a daily basis to help better serve our clients.  Our search engine optimization services will put your website where it needs to be to receive the flood of hungry buyers looking for your products and services.

SEO Services & Strategies

  • Keyword Research - To ensure we’re going after the best keywords for the best return on investment.
  • Competition Analysis - Analyzing the competition reveals their strengths and weaknesses.  We exploit their weaknesses to overcome them in the search engines.
  • Link Building - We build relevant, high quality links to your website.  Utilizing a variety of methods to attract valuable relevant links, we are able to improve your site’s rankings.
  • Website Optimization - By ensuring your website’s coding is lean and without many errors we are able to increase page loading speed and improve visitor’s experience.
  • Copywriting & Content Creation - By having great copy on your website, you are able to influence your rankings and also influence your visitor’s actions.
  • Publicity Campaigns using Press Releases - Newsworthy publications can go viral quickly.  This increases exposure, along with high quality links to your website.
  • Local Search Engine Optimization - Utilizing local search, such as Google Places, we can put your company on the map within the search and is best suited for local buyers.
  • Mobile SEO - With the emergence of smart phones, mobile search is at an all-time high. We ensure your website is optimized for smart phones.
  • International SEO - If your business caters to an international audience, we know how and where to target to reach that audience while optimization for international search engines.
  • Shopping SEO - If your company sells products and would like to sell products online, we can place you in front of prospective buyers comparing similar vendors.
  • Video SEO - Since search engines show video results, we are able to create and optimize video for your company to help increase exposure.
  • Website Marketing Analytics - Carefully analyzing analytics reports of your website will notify us if there is a disconnect with the visitors and allows us to track where the visitors came from.
  • Marketing Reporting - Wanting to be accountable for our actions, we provide updates of all our work and our client’s rankings on a regular basis.