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Contact Us page in Joomla 2.5

Once you start your web site, you will probably want to allow your visitors to contact you. This way they will be able to provide important feedback to the webmaster. For this purpose you need to set a Contact Us page with an online contact form.

Open your Joomla admin area and navigate to Components->Contacts->Categories.

Click on the New button and enter the details of your new contacts category. Only the Title value is required. You can also set the preferred configuration for the rest of the options.

Add A New Contact Category

Save the changes and return to Components->Contacts->Contacts.

Click on the New icon to begin the setup of your Contact us page.

Contact Manager: Contact

Enter the required values in the corresponding fields.

Review the options listed in the right part of the page and set them per your needs.

In order to receive a copy of the contact form inquiries, enter a valid e-mail in the Contact Options list.

Contact Options

Save the Contact Us page setup and navigate to Menus->Main Menu to publish it. Click on Add New Menu Item.

New Menu Item

Define the menu item type from the corresponding dialog.

Single Contact

Enter the Menu Title value and select the contact in the right part of the page by clicking on the Change Contact button.

Review and set the other options that are not mandatory per your requirements.

Save the new menu item and check it on the front end.